Fourth Down and Inches

sportsEvery nine seconds a student drops out of school, almost 7,000 daily.*

All athletes are considered to be role models and because of more visibility they are held to high standards. Schools have created high expectations and set high standards for student athletes. A successful athlete must display poise and self-confidence.

  • Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know.
  • See the good in everyone. Serve as an inspiration to all.
  • The greatest thrill in life is helping someone and not expecting anything in return.
  • Dreams are what got you started. Determination is what will keep you going. Discipline will help you accomplish your goal.
  • Teamwork is the essence of life.
  • Develop the ability to look into the mirror and see SUCCESS!
  • Change is a process, not an event!

*Figures from the Alliance for Excellent Education