Game Management


Presented by: Tom DeFelice     

Observations from a Supervisor

“Make the call because it is right and have the courage to face it.”

  1. Call fouls from beginning to end
  2. Call Post Play from the beginning or else it gets out of hand.  Displacement Chucking the Cutters.  Offensive players arm bar.  Get the first foul.  Lead doesn’t look back picking up post players when they cross half court.
  3. Come to officiate every night as if I am observing!!!!
  4. Cutters off the ball, Hip Check, Impeding the cutters.  We call hand checking and allow cutters to be mugged and no call.
  5. POV stay away from this call from the lead.  Trust your partners.  Talk about this in your pre-game.
  6. Block Charge: tough play under the basket.
  7. Palming: Hesitation Ball come to rest it is palming.
  8. Traveling must see it from the floor. Not body movement.  Not sure Pass.  Work on legal jump stop.
  9. Assume MISS on every shot.  Move towards the basket not away from it.
  10. Mechanics: Move to get good angles.  If you stand still you might as well have bought a ticket.  C and T close down.  Lead move into paint area and move back out if nothing materializes.  Anticipate the play not the call.  Work not to get straight lined.  
  11. After foul call Square Up and stay in the area.  RELAX. No need to rush.  This is when problems arise. 
  12. Never tell a coach, “That’s my call!”
  13. Don’t allow teams to dictate style of PLAY.
  14. Bench Control: Stop Sign Enough!!!! Let your partners know.
  15. Technical on Coaches (No one goes to coach!) Stay away and next foul has to be a good one in favor of the coach that received the “T.”
  16. Talk over crazy situations.  Don’t screw up a rule.  Someone on the crew should know don’t rush.  You are the controlling factor!  So what if it takes 5 minutes.  When shit happens, take a deep breath. 
  17. Don’t have rabbit ears towards fans and coaches.
  18. Have Pre-Game/Half Time/ and END OF Game self-evaluations.  How critical are you of Your Own Performance That Night.  Talk over concerns during game.
  19. After Technical have a Football Meeting
  20. Communicate with coaches and players preventive officiating.  Use the correct terms.
  21. Show a little BIZAZE. How do you show CONFIDENCE?  Be ASSERTIVE!  If you have the “Deer In Head Lights Look” then you are in trouble.
  22. T.O. Watch teams cross over.  First horn after T.O.  Both officials go to teams and blow whistle 2 or 3 times to get them out.  Discuss in Pre-Game.
  23. Last four minutes of game call everything that is perceived to be a Foul. Do it on both ends.
  24. Too deep from trail.  Move in (if you get beat) BLAME ME!!!!
  25. After basket lead becoming trail stay behind baseline and then players  going up court
  26. Rotate FROM LEAD.  Read ball and go. 
  27. Game Management Game Management Game Management!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  28. Charge on one end then then read that and if close charge on other end.
  29. Point on close 2 vs. 3.  Also help on 45 degree angle.
  30. Look off Ball.  Eyes tell the story.
  31. Be AGGRESSIVE from the “C.”
  32. Know the foul Situation – Both Teams
  33. “3” Pointer from the corner – Stay with the shooter
  34. Watch your “tongue” at the game site
  35. Work as a team – Game Management